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About The Author – Mike Mathew

Mike Mathew is the name behind all the information you find through blogs on our website. He has been writing for us for many years now, and all of it began with his inquisitiveness. He is a pharmaceutical professional with a flair for creative writing.

Writing has always been Mike’s first love, which also paved his way towards medical writing, where he has completed a decade. He has been writing on different areas of healthcare, fitness, and illness. He has built his experience by crafting different forms of writing. Some of them are feature articles for websites, newsletters, and newspapers. Mike has also been involved in composing research news stories, texts for websites, and brochures.

Before embarking on a career in medical writing, Mike spent three years serving the pharmaceutical industry. During those years, he played a versatile role in the different areas of his domain. He has found himself fascinated by the entire drug development process. Probably, that is why he loves writing for us.

Despite his qualifications and flair for his job, Mike spends a lot of time gathering new information. From research papers to newsletters, he turns into a bookworm in many ways. With that being said, he keeps upskilling himself in both the areas of pharmacy and writing. He stays engaged in advancing himself in the pharmaceutical industry.

Outside of work, Mike is a nature lover who stays enthusiastic about opportunities to explore new roads. He often takes time out to cycle around the city. Talking of his personal life, Mike is married and is a father of two young daughters. He embraces being a parent and calls it one of the best things that ever happened to him.