It is well known that good erection is the first thing women love to see in their men. They like to hold a fully erect male genital, feel it and then have it inside in sexual intercourse. Actually, a fully erect male reproductive organ is like a gift from men to women. But when erection is not durable and ends early, women are deprived of this gift. This is when another gift is needed for the man – which is now available in the form of Kamagra.

Whether a man puts Kamagra order himself or women go for Kamagra buy for their lover, husband or partner, the result is the same! Both of them enjoy complete sexual pleasure with the full erection of men always ready to delight the female. Softness is an identity of women and hardness is a sign of men. Opposites attract each other by nature and so just as men love to enjoy the softness in female’s body and organs, females want to feel and experience male’s hardness, stiffness, outside as well as inside. 

Like all medications, sildenafil citrate has a specific active life and half-life, which is known for determining how long it the effectiveness of this medicine lasts for treating ED in man. In this, you can see the explanation of how long sildenafil citrate component remains active and compare it to several other widely used solutions for erectile dysfunction condition in man.

The amount of time needed for sildenafil citrate to start working completely depends on several factors, right from the specific response one have to consume the medicine to the amount eaten before swallowing the tablet.

Mostly ED medication starts working in 30-60 minutes of consumption. If you have consumed appropriate dosage, you should find it easier for getting a stiffer penile erection when sexually aroused than it would typically be without consumption of the medicine.

Many people noted that ED medicine works quicker when consumed on an empty stomach, as there is less chance of an active digestive system for slowing down its absorption in the body.

One point to note is that impotence treating pill will not lead to penile erection on its own without a source of sexual stimulation. However, it might make it easier for most of the men to develop and sustain a stiffer penile erection after being sexually aroused.

Just like the amount of time needed for ED pill starts working, the amount of time it lasts can depend on various factors. Men usually notice that the active effects of impotent medicine last in the bloodstream for approx. 2 to 3 hours. The medicine can work for up to 5 hours in total, however, it might usually start to become less effective and wear off after 3 hours of consumption.

Like all ED medications, Sildenafil Citrate has an active life and half-life. The half-life of this medicine is approximately 4 hours. This means that the active amount of medicine in your bloodstream will reduce by approximately half every 4 hours after consumption.

Beyond a certain point, the medicine shall no longer be present in the bloodstream or tissue and it shall produce no side effects on the body.

Checked By: MIKE MATHEW (Sexual Health Expert)
Checked Date: 01-Nov-2021
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