Suffering from erectile dysfunction could also be a sign that you have other serious health problems, according to research published recently in the U.S.

The study investigated whether erectile dysfunction could be an accurate predictor of more serious health issues in the future.

Before undergoing erectile dysfunction treatment, it is essential to identify the underlying health condition which is causing it. Heart disease or diabetes can create this problem and though this predicament is uncommon in the younger generation, heredity or unhealthy lifestyle may well cause early onset of such diseases. Sudden hormonal changes wherein the body becomes incapable of producing the necessary hormones required for erection may also cause erectile dysfunction problems. So get yourself checked for these symptoms and in case you exhibit any of them, get yourself firstly treated for those and then too if the situation doesn’t change undergo erectile dysfunction treatment.

It followed the health of 2,000 men, almost half of whom had experienced ED symptoms, over four years – with some shocking results.

At the end of the study, 115 of the men with ED had either suffered or died from a heart attack, stroke or cardiac arrest. This was over twice as high as the proportion of men without ED symptoms.

Why cardiac diseases are linked to ED? This is because when a person’s heart is affected, it directly impairs blood vessels and nerves. The common issue is of high blood pressure, diabetes, vascular problems, and high cholesterol levels or bad fats in the body. All of these are reasons to impotence. So, if a man is getting difficulty achieving an erection, it may not be just ED, but a vascular health disorder as well. 

Researchers also linked ED to a higher chance of suffering from diabetes and heart disease.

The study’s authors concluded that men who have experienced ED symptoms should monitor their cardiovascular health carefully and recommended that they undergo comprehensive evaluation to detect heart issues as early as possible.

Cardiovascular illnesses can be reduced with medications, lifestyle changes, and a healthy diet. People with weak heart are advised against taking too much physical stress. Some are even restricted from intercourse after cardiac surgery. These people should not take anti-impotence tablets until advised for the same. Exercising moderately, doing yoga and aerobics can improve blood circulation, controlling weight and bettering mental health as well. Such practices open up arteries and help to eradicate toxins from the body system. These will also aid men to have stronger erections during intercourse.

However, while the link between ED and serious issues reported in the study is likely to worry men who have experienced ED symptoms, the researchers consider it also represents positive news.

They pointed out that men who seek treatment for ED are increasing their chances of discovering heart problems early.

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Checked By: MIKE MATHEW (Sexual Health Expert)
Checked Date: 01-Nov-2021
Next Check Due: Nov-2021