Can you get it from your parents? 

Whenever there is a brief discussion about the causes of erectile dysfunction, the first reason brought to light is the physical condition. At the same time, the other reason is always the patient’s mental well-being. 

But little does the general public know that many men may experience ED because it has been passed down to them. A patient can inherit ED from their bloodline. Continue reading if this has piqued curiosity in your mind. 

Social and Physical Effects of Erectile Dysfunction

Sexual dysfunction like erectile dysfunction can disrupt the life and health of many people who consider intercourse important. Other than the role of reproducing, intimacy can also help develop good relationships between two people. According to a study held during the quarantine, anxiety and depression scores were lower in sexually active individuals. 

Given this, men who suffer from ED may see various changes in their mental and physical health. Some of them are: 

  • Many people have ED as the initial sign of a cardiovascular condition. Thus, professionals often make a thorough diagnosis of signs of depletion in heart health. In the early days, professionals believed that building up of plaques in the heart was the reason for ED. However, experts have claimed that the real reason for ED is poor blood supply in the heart. 
  • Although erectile dysfunction is a prevalent and practical concern for many men, social norms always shame men for it. The lackings ED brings during intimacy are usually looked at with a comedic approach. Given this, many men dislike being open about their ED conditions. Many men instead choose to be distant from their partners. 

These are two primal examples of what a man can go through after being aware of their erection issues. However, what causes ED in Men? 

The Common Reasons for Erectile Dysfunction 

Quite often, it is noted that many men suffer from ED because of conditions like Diabetes, obesity, heart condition, and high blood pressure. But just because you have been experiencing ED symptoms does not mean something is wrong with your body. Some other common conditions of experiencing erectile dysfunction are: 

Performance Anxiety

At some point, we all fail to do good under pressure. Likewise, some men cannot attain a full erection without performance anxiety. What is worse with performance anxiety is it can cause one to overthink more about the limits. Thus, performance anxiety can cause ED, which can sometimes be hard to overcome. 

Drinking and Smoking Habits

Drinking or smoking too much can cause dysfunction in the production of testosterone and the body’s hormonal balance. It results in early symptoms of ED, which can also escalate to premature ejaculation. 


Even with good habit choices, a man still can have impotence. Regardless of age, it can affect any man between the age of 20-the 60s. It is because of the genetic dynamic of ED passed on by the parents. 

The Genetic Concept of ED

It is stated that one-third of erectile dysfunction cases are caused due to genes. Thus, genes are connected to erectile dysfunction in hormonal, genetic variants, and medical conditions. However, the connection is not considered quite direct. This means medical conditions like heart disease or Diabetes can pass on to ED.

So is it impossible to treat the genetic cause of ED? The answer is no. In fact, like any other cause, genetic ED is easily treatable. 

Finding the Best ED Treatment 

The perfect aid for mild to severe ED is Sildenafil-based pills. The ingredient is known to regulate good blood circulation around the body. Further, it can help ED patients attain erection once they are sexually stimulated. If this gets you excited, you can explore the best Kamagra products. Choose amongst some of the most affordable medicine for your erectile dysfunction and boost your self-esteem. 

Checked By: MIKE MATHEW (Sexual Health Expert)
Checked Date: 08-Dec-2022
Next Check Due: Dec-2022