Everything about human life changes with age. Starting from the wrinkled skin, weakening bone, to bald hair, everything changes about a human with growing age. Similarly, sexual abilities also decline with growing age. The simplest way to observe the change is through the changed state of your penis. Given below are certain things that you can expect with your penis with growing age.

Erectile dysfunction becomes common:

Testosterone level is obvious to get lower with growing age. Erectile dysfunction is an obvious thing with growing age. This decline in testosterone level starts after the age of 40. And, the same can be marked through your penis. You can find it getting erected lately.

Penis tip turns purple:

You can easily find the colour of your penis changing with changing colour. With growing age, the arteries often get hardened. Naturally, it affects the blood flow rate to the penis or the genital organs. This can be found through the fading colour of the penis tip. You can find it a bit squeezed as well. Lower blood flow rate to the penis results into the penis tip to get slightly purple. At the same time, the colour of the hairs around the penis also gets faded, turning in to colour as of the armpit.

Penis size gets shorter with growing weight and age:

Weight gain through growing age is quite a common scenario. In fact, research data say that a person on an average manages to gain around 5 pounds of weight with growing age. Women gain weights more than men. And, with growing age and body weight, the penis is found to be shrinking.

Especially, the deposit of lower belly fat makes the penis size shorter in comparison. However, such issues can be treated with fat loss. This is the reason that people are advised to workout daily after the age of 40. Being more specific, they are advised to cut the lower belly fat as much as it is possible.

Skin gets soft and loose:

Skins around penis can be realised to get loose with growing age. The prime reason behind such scenario is the lack of blood flow to the cells around those areas, primarily due to erectile dysfunction. Erectile dysfunction hastens the blood flow rate to the genital organs. Squeezing skin can also be related to the little accumulation of the fats in little arteries within the penis, which ultimately causes the slowing blood flow rate. In fact, blood vessels around the heart also witness such slower rate of flow with growing age.

The sensitivity level of the skin gets lower:

Sensitivity is something obvious to get lower with growing age. Again, prime reason behind the same is the lowering level of testosterone. Testosterone always plays a crucial role in revitalising the nervous tissue; its lowering scenario is obvious to cause a lack of sensitivity. This causes the delay in erection. This also causes the erection to last for a very little time.

Checked By: MIKE MATHEW (Sexual Health Expert)
Checked Date: 30-Jan-2019
Next Check Due: Jan-2019