Hypertension is a common condition affecting many individuals out there. Among men, it can also correlate with erectile dysfunction. After all, blood flow and blood pressure are important to get and keep an erection. And not just this, but there can be many other ways high blood pressure can affect your sexual life. To get a clearer picture, let us learn about the impact of high blood pressure on ED. Let this blog uncover the facts about men’s sex drive and if Kamagra UK can be the solution. 

Erectile Dysfunction and High Blood pressure 

There can be many reasons behind erectile dysfunction in men, including smoking, diabetes, and heavy liquor consumption. You might also face problems from high cholesterol, being overweight, heart diseases, psychological issues, and neurological conditions. 

Talking of hypertension and erectile dysfunction, yes, men with hypertension often face trouble with their erections. Usually, the nerves in and encompassing the penis receive signals from the brain on being sexually aroused. These nerves result in more blood flow towards the male genitalia, causing the relaxing and opening of blood vessels and tissue. It allows the blood to flow towards the penis, resulting in an erection.

Blood Flow

In hypertension, the blood vessels across the body are damaged. Blood vessels inside or going towards the penis also come under them. As they can turn too narrow, you can face issues with sufficient blood flowing.

Fall in Testosterone Levels

Besides the blood flow, high blood pressure is also related to a fall in testosterone levels in men. Testosterone plays a major role in the sexual performance of men. Due to this, if you have hypertension, you may also have less sexual interest and low performance.

Physical Exertion

Hypertension can also be a hindrance for men in performing their physical activities. Due to this, men often work out less and are not in their best state to perform sexually. Moreover, we all know coitus is nothing less than breaking a sweat. 

Getting Intimacy Back on Track With Hypertension

Just because you have been suffering from hypertension doesn’t necessarily mean you have to make your sexual life suffer. Here, let us first discuss some natural methods to lower the possibility of experiencing ED due to high blood pressure. 

Manage Your Weight 

If you are overweight, you must adapt to a healthy diet and lifestyle to watch your weight. You must give specific attention to the fat gathered around your waist area. That’s because it is related to an increased level of blood pressure. 

Avoid Smoking and Heavy Liquor Consumption 

You can blame cigars and cigarettes for increasing blood pressure to a great extent. Similarly, too much alcohol consumption can also result in increased blood pressure. Moreover, they can also invite other health troubles. 

Lessen Sodium Consumption

Consuming a diet with heavy amounts of sodium can raise your normal blood pressure. However, you can take hold of it by restricting the consumption of sodium-rich, salty food items. 

Workout More Often 

Working out, specifically performing cardiovascular exercises, including cycling and jogging, can help you get a hold of your blood pressure. You must perform at least 30 minutes of workout to take charge of your blood pressure levels. 

Consumption of Kamagra Tablets With Hypertension 

If you are combating hypertension, Sildenafil tablets like Kamagra or other medications can be effective and safe to consume. However, it is essential to consult your medical practitioners before starting the medication. That’s because knowing how your blood pressure medicine will interact with Kamagra is extremely important. And for that, you need to see your doctor first.

Drawing the Bottom Line

With this blog coming to an end, let us quickly review what we have come across in it. In this post, you have learned about the correlation between high blood pressure and erectile dysfunction. Hypertension can affect the blood flow to the penis and reduce testosterone levels. When it comes to getting your life back on track by managing your blood pressure, you can do it in many natural ways. You can manage your weight, reduce sodium consumption, perform exercises, and avoid liquor consumption. 

Now talking of medications for erectile dysfunction, sildenafil-based medicine can be helpful with blood flow. However, before you can buy Kamagra, one of these medicines, it is advisable to talk to your doctor first. 

Checked By: MIKE MATHEW (Sexual Health Expert)
Checked Date: 20-Oct-2022
Next Check Due: Oct-2022